Visiting the Polish Baltic coast, we invite you to our Miniature Park in Niechorze. We offer a guided tour which will last no longer than 45 minutes. You will visit the entire Polish coast and all lighthouses from Krynica Morskia to Świnoujście. All our miniatures are build in scale 1:10.

  • 72-350 Niechorze, ul. Ludna 16
  • tel. 691 977 977
  • Open daily:
  • 10:00 - 17:00


The Narrow Gauge Railway of Rewal in Miniature

Foghorn of Kobba Klintar Island

Scale 1:1

City Hall of Kołobrzeg


At the beginning Niechorze was a typical fishing village. Today's landmark was built in 1866 in the form of the lighthouse. The tourism boom began in the year 1870. In 1889 over 700 tourists visited Niechorze during their holidays. The first photo is from the year 1960-64.

Niechorze lives primarily from summer tourism. Another tourist attraction was opened this year directly below the lighthouse: Our Miniature Park of Polish Lighthouses. The two photos show the results of our work!

The photos show the film crew and one of the actors, Simon Jedrzejowski - Mayor of Niechorze and employee of the Maritime Authority, during the filming.

The day of the lighthouse says goodbye with a beautiful evening sky.

Our small and large guests are ready to take a picture with Mr. Smiley.

On the 19th of August is the day of the lighthouse. In order to celebrate this, we are open until 9 pm that day. We look forward to your visit!

On August 15th is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. If you are looking for something to do then come and visit us in the Miniature Park of the Polish Lighthouses. We are open from 10 am - 20 pm and are looking forward to your visit.

Even if it rains it is worth visiting our miniature park. We have extra umbrellas for our guests on site which you may use during your visitof course for free.

We have changed our opening hours and are now open for 1 more hours. By doing that we want to give our guests the opportunity to admire our beautiful miniature lighthouses in the early dusk. Due to the fact that our miniatures send a light signal just like the original lighthouses, this is an unique experience.

Another "big" attraction has reached our park: The Bliza in 1:1 scale! With about 14m height our beacon can almost replace the lighthouse Niechorze. The Bliza is the mother of all lighthouses and only in our miniature park you have the chance to admire one in full-size.

The next miniature has reached our park: the lighthouse Jastarnia Bór. Initially, the lighthouse was named Heisternest, as the neighboring town, but was then renamed. Unfortunately, the lighthouse does not exist anymore as it was blown in 1939. Once again, only in our park it is possible to admire a beautiful copy.

The miniature of the lighthouse Port Północny is completed and has received his "foot" in the form of the Port Authority building. In the Polish vernacular the lighthouse is also called "Baba Yaga". This is a witch from Slavic mythology which lives in a house with a chicken foot. The lighthouse plus port authority building has a little resemblance to that house.

Another recent miniature in our park is a model of a so-called "Bliza". It represents one of the most original forms of navigation lights. Like all miniatures in our park it is built in scale 1:10. We still have "great" ideas for our miniature park in the future and therefore you should visit our website again, even better if you visit our park.

The latest miniature in our park is the lighthouse Oksywie. With only 10 meters height, it was one of the lowest lighthouses on the southern Baltic Sea. In reality the lighthouse does not exist anymore. With the construction of the miniature we have therefore set a monument for the lighthouse Oksywie.

At our miniature of the lighthouse Czołpino a lizard has settled down. When the sun shines it likes to be admired by our visitors. We refer to him as the lighthouse keeper of our Czołpino miniature.

In Poland the World Children's Day is celebrated on June 1st. We were happy to welcome many children in our park. The "little ones" were fascinated about our miniatures.

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